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3 cans Deciao

Flavor experiences

We enable rich and flavorful experiences that make you feel good in your skin and don’t compromise your mornings.

So let’s celebrate you, now and tomorrow, with daring cocktail flavors made from real fruits.


Discover a new world of flavor with DeCiao's twists on world-famous cocktails. Made with simple, yet top-quality ingredients and our unique distilling process, our Cocktail Seltzers capture the pure, vibrant, and authentic essence of each flavor, giving you a refreshing and rich experience like no other..


DeCiao was born out of that adventurous feeling of freedom to travel wherever the wind takes you, to be whoever you want to be, and to drink whatever fits your flavor. We translated this into a versatile drink that is captured in a can to bring along on those endless adventures.


It’s fresh, fresh, excitiiiing! We love everything that’s exciting, inviting and fresh like a summer breeze. And we’re not just talking about that refreshing sparkling water base. We’re also bringing something new to the table, both the drink itself and its flavors.


We love to celebrate, and with celebrations come delicious cocktails. We live for those moments of joy that we love to share with friends and family. DeCiao is made to embrace these experiences of fun, laughter and celebrations.

The Deciao Hand

The hand is the embodiment of the Italian firing nature, passion and joy for life. Everyone feels it differently, but it always comes down to enjoying the present moment.

The black and white color leaves space for individuality (be as creative as you want) while manifesting a strong emotion that is natural to all of us.